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Product Business + Strategy

Consulting Services

We collaborate with our clients to define their product strategy and business goals and identify the most efficient and lean paths to market.

This includes business analysis, product design workshops, design thinking sessions, blue sky meetings, inspiration retreats and best practices reviews. Based on these activities and learning experiences, our project directors and consultants provide recommendations and solutions that help meet, innovate and enhance our clients' products, business roadmap and success oriented goals.​

Technical Development and Creative Design Services

Our agile and lean development processes pairs developers that compliment each other's skill sets, specializations and areas of interest.

Product teams are typically made up a project director, project manager, UX lead, UI lead, technical architect, development leads, testing specialists, focus group testers and product marketing experts.

Throughout the build process we provide versioned, working demos of in-progress products for feedback, validation, user acceptance, iteration discovery, usability enhancement, simplification and functional updates based on the priority and core business objectives defined.

Information Architecture Design and Docs Creation

Every project starts with ideas and sparks of innovation. It's important to look at the ideas

on paper and identify themes, usability problems, user patterns and scalable product architecture.

Through creative and functional workshops we target in on product feature sets, functionality, interactivity and technology options to support the business goals. This information is then converted into documentation that can be read easily by our clients and inform our creative & technical teams.

Unit and Automated Testing, Deployment and Maintenance

Testing is essential to the process. Our teams use manual, automated and proprietary testing methods to ensure products are functioning and performing as they should before product launches. This typically includes load balancing and server optimization depending on the project.

Launch is followed by product maintenance and updates, business development support and ongoing iteration and innovation cycles.

We focus on prioritizing product updates based on user feedback, analytics and data or client pivots and isolate attention and energy towards what really matters to the product and business.

Product User Experience and Interface Design Services 

Our UX and UI leaders work directly with our clients during user experience and interface workshops to discover authenticity, simplicity, sophistication and smart design patterns to compliment the product IP, feature sets, business goals and overall vision.

We typically dedicate complete sprints to User Experience and Interface Design where required and iterate designs and creative elements through ongoing testing, development and iteration cycles.

UX + UI consulting services can also be provided independently of development services.

Data Analysis and Iteration Cycles with Funding Support

Throughout design, development, iteration and innovation phases, we conduct planning and learning sessions with our client and marketing, growth hacking, data science, test groups and business development teams to analyze business goals, projections, growth, viral loops, campaigns and so forth.

Our goals are to help our clients generate ongoing revenue streams and growth, discover business partnerships and make introductions to well-fitted investors, VC firms or angels for potential raises where required.

We introduce business learning, business growth exercises and lean method best practices to our clients so they are ready for the market, their business growth and the road ahead.

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